Cockroach (2009, DV, 13min black comedy)
Irena, a beautiful young immigrant, is desperate to become a famous model. Her neighbour Jeremy is a sleazy fashion photographer desperate to get into her pants. Everything is going as expected, when an adventurous cockroach interrupts them in the middle of a sex act.

my role: writer/director


Bus Stop (2008, short drama)
A story of dreams falling apart and relationships disintegrating, as lack of communication and dishonesty to one self and others begins to master the scene of the troubled marriage of Mona and Matt's.

Dir. Ruba Hatem

San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

my role: script editor


Marina On Top (2011, 16mm, 7min drama)

"Haunting. Disturbing, with a clear eye brought to bear on the relationship between decency and disturbance. A strong film". (Paul Greengrass)

logline: During his lunch break,David goes to see a prostitute.

British Council Selection 2011
East End Film Festival 2011
London Short Film Festival 2011

my role: writer/director  


Slap (2007, 35mm, 3min drama)
An abused housewife has a chance to change her life when her husband chokes on his lunch.

British Council Selection 2007

my role: writer/director


Jack Malchnce (2010, web-series)
Conspiracy web-drama.

Dir. Dean Loxton

my role: script consultant&co-writer (ep. 4&5)


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London Isn’t Waiting  (2011, TV series pilot)
Crime drama series.

Dir. Tova Leigh

my role: script editor (ep.1)


past projects:

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current projects:

BUK (working title) (2015) - a short film, currently in pre-production, to be directed by Paul Bloomfield.

logline: Inspired by Charles Bukowski's works, a day in the life of a gardener hell bent on self destruction.

DEATH OF THE AUTHOR (working title) (2015) - a short film I script-doctored. Currently in pre-production, scheduled to shoot in July 2015. Originally written by Federica Pacifico.

logline: an invigilator in an art gallery, decides to add his own artistic contribution to the exhibition.

STILL THERE (2015) - a short film, co-written with Aoise Tutty (based on an original idea by Aoise Tutty).

logline:  In the last chapter of her life, a depressed old woman, rediscovers her femininity and sees afresh the beauty in the world around her.

THE CLIENT (working title) (2015) - a short film, co-written with Jake Narang & Maria Shrigley @ Vile Films (based on an original idea by Jake Narang)

logline:  A lost teenager struggling to survive the corrupt bureaucratic world of the local social services in his town.