Cockroach (2009, DV, 13min black comedy)
Irena, a beautiful young immigrant, is desperate to become a famous model. Her neighbour Jeremy is a sleazy fashion photographer desperate to get into her pants. Everything is going as expected, when an adventurous cockroach interrupts them in the middle of a sex act.

my role: writer/director


Bus Stop (2008, short drama)
A story of dreams falling apart as Mona and Matt’s marriage disintegrates through lack of communication and dishonesty.

Dir. Ruba Hatem

San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

my role: script editor


Marina On Top (2011, 16mm, 7min drama)

"Haunting. Disturbing, with a clear eye brought to bear on the relationship between decency and disturbance. A strong film". (Paul Greengrass)

logline: During his lunch break, David goes to see a prostitute.

Shortlisted - SP Film of the Month July 2013 (judged by Paul Greengrass)

British Council Selection 2011
East End Film Festival 2011
London Short Film Festival 2011

my role: writer/director  


Slap (2007, 35mm, 3min drama)
An abused housewife has a chance to change her life when her husband chokes on his lunch.

Winner - SP Film of the Month August 2013
(judge by Kerry Fox)

British Council Selection 2007

East End Film Festival 2007

Emden Film Festival 2007

my role: writer/director


Jack Malcahnce (2010, web-series)
Conspiracy web-drama.

Dir. Dean Loxton

my role: script consultant&co-writer (ep. 4&5)


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London Isn’t Waiting  (2011, crime drama tv  pilot 45min)

An Illegal immigrant going through London’s underbelly in search of a better future.

Dir. Tova Leigh

my role: script editor (ep.1)


past projects:

current projects:

(updated 3rd June 2017)

BUK (working title) (2017) - a 7page drama directed by Paul Bloomfield, currently in post-production.

logline: Inspired by Charles Bukowski's works, a day in the life of a gardener hellbent on self destruction.

SUE - 25page drama. Semi-Finalist in the Shore Screenplay competition 2016

logline: Sue killed her baby while suffering from a severe postnatal depression.  Now, 15 years later, Sue gets released from a mental institution and tries to come  to terms with her family, society and her past.

BURY YOUR DOG - 7page drama, Semi-Finalist in the Shore Screenplay competition 2015

logline: Johnny - the dog of Ed's dad just died. Ed goes with his dad 'up the mountain' to bury Johnny. Bury your dog is a short drama about a young man coming to terms with his fathers declining health and advancing dementia whilst juggling his young family and irate boss.

THE DEATH OF THE AUTHOR (2016) - a short film I co-wrote. Directed by Federica Pacifico Selected for the Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival

logline: An invigilator in an art gallery, decides to add his own artistic contribution to the exhibition.

STILL THERE - a feature docu-fiction, co-written with Aoise Tutty (based on an original idea by Aoise Tutty).

logline:  A filmmaker in the process of video documenting her grandmother, discovers secrets from the past that force her to reevaluate herself and her family’s past.

GLADIATORS - 15page drama, co-written with Jake Narang & Maria Shrigley @ Vile Films (based on an original idea by Jake Narang)

logline:  A lost teenager struggling to survive the corrupt bureaucratic world of the local social services in his town.